Residential Pest Control

Mosquito Scott Pest Control offers both interior and exterior pest control treatments.  A licensed and trained Mosquito Scott Pest Control technician will visit your home to inspect and assess your current pest problem.  They will identify the pest and evaluate the proper treatment.  Our technicians are there to answer any questions you have based on their findings.  

On your first residential pest control service, the technician will treat both interior and exterior areas where pests may hide including potential entry points such as kitchens, bathrooms, under appliances, wall voids, weep holes, cracks, and crevices.  Subsequent visits will only cover the exterior of your home unless there is a need or request for interior treatment.  Maintaining an exterior perimeter protection creates a barrier to prevent pests from entering your home.  

We recommend following a regularly scheduled treatment program to control the pest population around your home.  A typical residential treatment program is every 90 days however, we can customize the treatment program based on your situation.

Our pest control service can treat for:

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